My body trembles

Heartbeats fast

He is nothing that resembles 

The pain of the past


He touches me slowly

Warm and tender

A little scared

but sure to surrender


Wrapped in his love

My fear is fading

“Take it slow” I say

“Love me gently”

And he said to me…


Dani baby, I’ll never make you hurry

I love you, I’ll take care of you, don’t you worry

You’re all that I’ve ever wanted, can’t you see the 

Love we are creating?

In the end, I knew that you were worth waiting


My body craves him 

I’ve wanted him all along 

Our souls become one

Every move creates a loving song


I’ve waited all my life

To give myself completely

He whispers he loves me

And smiles at me sweetly


I felt the man he is 

I became the woman that’s his


What I Love About Running..


The Possibilist Runner

You know that saying, “I love running (when I’m done)”? I can’t relate to that saying at all. I love every second of a run. From the moment I take off, I get this happy surge of energy & feel like a kid again. I love when my legs start to get warm & how strong & powerful they feel with each mile. I love how my lungs feel while they’re working hard. I love the point in my run when I reach the “runner’s high.” It’s such an amazing feeling & puts me in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day. I love how a run can clear my head & allow me to organize my thoughts. I love the solitude that running can provide. I could go on & on. I can only think of one thing I don’t love about running & that’s that I…

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